Eyebrows - Beauty Passion
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Loss of eyebrows or ill-shaped brows can make you look aged or drawn out. Permanent eyebrows look more natural than pencil and can give back youth and add definition to the face. Hair simulation can mimic the appearance of real brows. This is especially effective for alopecia sufferers. You can swim, play tennis, and wake up without having to re-do your eyebrows. Brows will be cleaned and penciled to the desired shape before the procedure.

The application of permanent eyebrows allows you to regain your looks and eliminates the inconvenience of applying and reapplying makeup throughout the day. Forget about what your eyebrows look like and enjoy the confidence and freedom of knowing you always look and feel great.

Eyebrow techniques

  • Hair Stroke Brows

    Natural looking brows with ultra fine hair strokes using one or multiple colours. This technique can enhance the natural shape, give symmetry

  • The 3D Hair Simulated Brow

    Natural looking brows with ultra fine hair strokes using one or multiple colours and add length to tails of the brows where they are missing.

  • Powdered brow effect

    This type of eyebrow tattooing gives a similar effect created with an eyebrow powder, infusing colour to create the perfect brow shape giving a soft definition beneath the natural hair growth.

  • Scattered hair eyebrows

    Technique is ideal for those who have thick hair growth and they are interested to give them natural shape

  • Combination of Hair Strokes and powdered effect

    In the combination procedure, first the shadow is properly placed in a light brow shade followed by bolder hair strokes in a slightly darker shade.  The result are brows with added dimension.