permanent makeup correction - Beauty Passion
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permanent makeup correction


Women who plan getting permanent makeup should carefully consider whom to select as their technician, because permanent makeup will stay on for years and its correction or removal can be relatively costly. Corrections are needed when poor quality pigmentation or wrong application techniques have been used or when permanent makeup has been applied too deep. In case of permanent eyebrow makeup there is a danger that a too warm tone is used, which can turn reddish in the course of time and when a too cold tone is used, it can turn bluish. We use correcting colours in our work, which enable to achieve the correct and desired tone. For example in case of eyebrows an even brown tone, in case of a bluish liner a deep black tone, in case of lips a suitable colour selected by the customer. Also symmetry and drawing the shape are of great importance. Too wide eyebrows, over-coloured lips or liner lines at different height are slightly more complicated to correct. Our technicians will at first make sure if it will be possible to correct the other technician’s work using correction and if this will not be possible, we will recommend permanent makeup removal procedure using a laser or a special removal liquid.