Beauty Mark  - Beauty Passion
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Beauty Mark 


Beauty spots are a well known sensual symbol for women.
They can give you a seductive and flirtatious look and give even more glamour to your appearance.

A beauty mark or beauty spot is a dark facial mole,
so named because such moles have at times been considered an attractive feature.

Beauty marks were particularly highly regarded during the eighteenth century and
creating false ones became common, often in fanciful shapes such as hearts or stars.
They could be purchased as silk or velvet patches known as “mouches” (flies).


Often a strategically placed beauty mark can balance your features and/or draw attention away
from a problem area. Depending on your skin tone, beauty marks can range from light brown,
medium to dark brown, to black.

Beauty marks are applied on any area of the face that the client requests.
The usual placements are above the upper lip or on the upper outer portion of the cheek.
This pigment application gives the appearance of a natural beauty mark for a dramatic look.