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Our goal has always been one – to offer the most beautiful and professional permanent make-up service, providing it safely and considering all hygiene requirements. In the Beauty Passion permanent make-up beauty salon, everyone can find the permanent make up master with suitable style, experiences and price range. All our masters have been certified and have undergone several trainings in Estonia and elsewhere in the world. They are helpful in consulting and finding the best possible permanent make-up technique that suits the shape of your face and meets your preferences and wishes. The most important thing for us is the cooperation between the client and the master to achieve a beautiful long lasting result for many years.

With the help of permanent make-up one can emphasize the natural beauty of the face and bring out its personality, improve its symmetry, hide and conceal unwanted defects. With permanent make-up it is possible to create a beautiful eyebrow shape, make your eyes more expressive and give your lips lushness and colour. Among our wide range of services, one can find a number of medical procedures in addition to permanent make-up of eyebrows, eyes and lips such as hair imitation or trichopigmentation, hiding scars and vitiligo, reconstructing the areola or breast nipple area. It is also possible to find a solution to the most difficult problems in our salon, including the improvement of the low-quality permanent make-up that has been done elsewhere.

Correctly executed permanent makeup enhances your confidence and improves your appearance. As a result, our customers have stayed with us since 2011. Our customers have understood the comfort and benefits of permanent make-up – to look youthful, fresh and shining 24/7. Our customers can easily go to the spa and sauna, travel and save their precious time at the expense of the morning make-up routines, without worrying about the eyebrow or eyeshadow disperse.

The popularity of permanent make-up has grown rapidly over the years. Therefore, I recommend to carefully examine the qualifications and galleries of the various permanent make-up masters. Try to find a master with the right hand and style for you. Equally important, as hand and style, are the tools that are used. Every professional master has a high quality permanent make-up machine and pigments.

In our salon, you can find a wide range of colours from different brands for eyebrows, lips and eye liners, so we will definitely find the right colour also for the most demanding customers. We offer you the best services and a pleasant feeling. The salon employs professionals in their field of work, who do their work passionately and for your beauty. Time is important and in our salon you will always quickly find the time that is suitable for you and all the permanent make-up procedures you have dreamed of.

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